Teal Tuesday sale prices good now until December 11th!  

If you missed out on any of this past years reissues this might be your only chance to score one, we're down to just 1 or 2 of each, check below for what’s available.   

You want deals?!  We’ve got deals! Buy any 2 Hard Times boards get a set of wheels and a giant 20” NOS Hard Times sticker FREE! (up to $50 in savings!) Reissue, modern, hang one, ride one, gift one...whatever combo you want!  Just order the boards and put your wheel preference in the comments at checkout (57mm or 60.5mm Hard Times or 57mm Easy Rollers). 

Also all T-shirts and wheels are 30% off!  We’ve still got Sam’s, Hard Times and Nothing is Cool in most sizes and we’ve even got a few of the Nothing is Cool sweatshirts left.  Sale ends December 11th! 

Oh, the ultra limited colorways of the Jim Gray and Sam Cunningham went in a couple minutes, congrats and thanks if you scored one of those! 

Thanks and Happy Holidays! 

Dave B.


Classic Boards and Secret Session at the Blockhead Ramp - More Reunion Party Pics

Over 300 people showed up to the art show that night, at LinkSoul Gallery - and there was a lot to look at, including classic boards, original art and old ads showing how we laid them out before photoshop and illustrator even existed. Check out at THE BOARDS! 

blockhead party

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Thrasher and TransWorld Skateboarding Coverage of the Blockhead Reunion Party

The Blockhead Skateboards 30 year reunion party and art show was a blast! We had a secret skate session with the Blockhead team riders and then rolled over to the art show at the Linksoul Lab and Gallery where over 300 people showed up through the night. We got to catch up with a lot of people who had been involved with Blockhead over the years - friends, family, photographers, riders, artists, employees...the list goes on, whatever, it was FUN. Like skateboarding.

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