Here we go on round two!  Thank you for all your support so far, the ultra-limited Streetstyle’s on NOS 1985 blanks sold out in a matter of just a few hours and the rest of the decks are sold out or have very limited availability.  After a brief delay, all the first-round decks are finally done and they look amazing!  Props to Jim, Damon, Richard and the rest of the crew at Watson Laminates in San Diego CA.   This is no mass market crap here, this is handcrafted, hand signed American made historical goods and art!
The next release is two decks which are Jim Gray’s first model and a very limited one-time offering of 60 "Blockhead 84" decks.  We took it all the way back to 1984 and months before Blockhead officially launched with a replica of the unreleased Chaos deck before the shape, logo and graphics were reworked.  Though not many people have seen it, I love the simplicity of it and it just takes me back to when Blockhead was just a teeny little brainbaby.  The Pre-Chaos deck is packaged with an exclusive t-shirt and sticker of the same design.  The Jim Gray deck is also sold with an exclusive sticker printed in Jim’s own Inkgenda factory.   The pink Sam epoxy/glass decks came out so good we decided to offer Jim’s in the same color (as they were originally in 1987).  

We're just getting started! (again)

Thanks! Dave


Part 2: The innovative Blockhead Streetstyle

Blockhead founder Dave Bergthold throws out some history about the Streetstyle deck, Blockhead's first board in 1985 screened in the family garage. A limited run of 30 Streetstyle skateboard decks is now in the works made from NOS epoxy-glass blanks pressed in 1985.

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Dave Bergthold interview now on

Dave Bergthold fakie carve on the first Blockhead Ramp in Roseville CA.1988. Photo: Spike Jonze

Kevin Hulem from just posted an interview with Dave Bergthold with some photos, ads and some amusing stories and history.   Oh they also have a great ad archive with a pretty extensive Blockhead library.  Check it out until we can get ours together for the Blockhead site.

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