I can’t believe it’s been 30 years since I screen printed the first batch of Blockhead boards in my parents Nor-Cal garage.   There are 4 reissue decks available including a batch of 30 ultra-limited Streetstyle boards made on original NOS epoxy-glass blanks from 1985!   Great attention to detail is being made on the reissues to assure they are as close to the originals as possible including the creation of a new mold for the 86-88 era decks.
A free 80's NOS Blockhead sticker will be included as a pre-order bonus on all reissues!
More reissues will follow immediately as well as new modern decks, wheels and hand painted/ limited “Skart Planks” from Ron Cameron.  All for fun and fun for all!  - Dave B

Part 2: The innovative Blockhead Streetstyle

Blockhead founder Dave Bergthold throws out some history about the Streetstyle deck, Blockhead's first board in 1985 screened in the family garage. A limited run of 30 Streetstyle skateboard decks is now in the works made from NOS epoxy-glass blanks pressed in 1985.

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Dave Bergthold interview now on skately.com

Dave Bergthold fakie carve on the first Blockhead Ramp in Roseville CA.1988. Photo: Spike Jonze

Kevin Hulem from skately.com just posted an interview with Dave Bergthold with some photos, ads and some amusing stories and history.   Oh they also have a great ad archive with a pretty extensive Blockhead library.  Check it out until we can get ours together for the Blockhead site.

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