Misfits - Just a little weird - Slight blems for a better price - Last Chance!

Save some for the next guy - Limit 3 decks per customer :-)

From the island of misfit toys comes some sold out boards from this past year with some slight imperfections.  Some of these imperfections are so minor you might have trouble finding them, some are a little more obvious but nothing is terrible.  We tried to get some close up pics of the blems but it was difficult to show.   All the reissues are signed and numbered.

  1. Tragicomic - White dip, yellow/ orange lettering (2 available).  A. Small scuff in graphic on main characters face. B. Small imperfection in wood on tail. 
  2. Tragicomic - White dip (2 available) A. Blue lettering - small dent in top rail.  B. Blue/Purple lettering - Minor dent in the wood on main characters face.
  3. Jim Gray 1 - White dip - (4 available) Graphics are solid but all have minor to not as minor imperfections in the wood.
  4. Jim Gray 1- Natural -  Very minor wood imperfections.
  5. Meaning of Life - Red dip - (2 available) - A. small imperfection in wood on tail.   B. Very minor smudge on left side of graphics (almost a 1st).
  6. Meaning of Life - White smoke dip.  (2 available) - Both very minor wood imperfections (almost a 1st).
  7. Jeremy Wray reissue - Purple board, blue dress - Small imperfections in full board pass.
  8. Jeremy Wray reissue - Purple board, yellow dress - Some imperfections in full board pass, a little blown out on hole drilling.
  9. Jeremy Wray reissue - Brown board, mustard dress - Some imperfections in full board pass.
  10. Jeremy Wray reissue - (2 available) Navy blue board, yellow dress - Some imperfections in full board pass.
  11. Jeremy Wray Umbrella cruiser - Navy Blue board, yellow dress - Large scuff on nose (It looks like there’s more wrong with it but that’s just the shrink wrap).
  12. Jim Gray 1 - Fluorescent pink/ Natural rails - Epoxy Glass - Deep reserve from the first batch 2015!  Some cracking in the paint from being stored in shrink wrap.  This is why we don’t ship reissues in shrink anymore but use heavy 4 mil. archival bags - shrink wrap sucks for long term storage.
  13. Tragicomic - Silver dip -silver paint splotch on tail.
  14. Hard Times 2  reissue - White dip - Small dent in nose, one hole drilling is a bit blown out...minor stuff.
  15. Mini Sam - Metallic silver dip - Minor graphic imperfections (2 available).
  16. Mini Sam - Green stain - Minor graphic imperfections 
  17. Sam Mosaic - Full size - Orange Stain - Nothing really wrong with it besides dark streaks in the wood...but that gives it character.