Nothing is Cool - 30 year special edition t-shirt - SOLD OUT

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Sold out but more "reissue" NIC T's soon(ish).

To celebrate 30 years of not being cool, we’ve got a special limited edition Nothing is Cool t-shirt. 

The  NIC logo evolved from Ron Cameron’s doodle on the shipping table at the Blockhead HQ in Roseville CA into an “off-the-wall” top graphic that first appeared (upside down) on Ron’s Simple Simon model in early 1988.  With the release of the Tragicomic board,  it was also printed on t-shirts and stickers and became an instant classic.  

 The Nothing is Cool graphic on the tops of the Simple Simon and Tragicomic models were always screened with multi-color fades in a single pass.  We just like the simplicity, variety and how awesome it looks, we would really change up the colors often so it was constantly different. 

 So taking the board top graphic style and mixing it with the original t-shirt sideways logo placement, we’re going to hand screen this batch of shirts, mixing up the colors as much as possible, like snowflakes, no two will be exactly artwork!  


  • Print colors shown are mock-up examples only and are subject to change.
  • Printed on premium Next Level 100% cotton t-shirts (S,M,L,XL,2XL)
  • Art by Ron Cameron 1988
  • Back print: 1C NIC sideways logo
  • Front print: 1C Blockhead "spray" logo
  • Shirt colors: Black, Brown, Light blue, Warm gray, Cool Blue