Hard Times Wheels - 60mm - Green - 101a - Just a couple left!

This Product is Currently Unavailable

In 1989 we were pondering how to make a lower price wheel without using a shitty cheap urethane like other companies for their "price point" wheels.  With many wheels having 4 color graphics on both sides, printing costs were driving wheel prices way up...so we had our answer, only print one wheel per set, one color!  (the reissues have 2 (or more) wheels per-set printed, just so you have one graphic per-side of your board).    

However...No corners were cut with these!  This is the best urethane out there!  Save a little up front and even more later because they’re not going to wear out as quick as many other wheels.  They're technically 101a but don't chatter like cheaper wheels, they ride more like a 97a/99a.

They’re twined together with a rubber stamped DOA tag just like the originals...in fact the rubber stamp IS the original one from 1989!  

Hard, Fast as F#%K, Ultra-Premium Urethane!  Flatspot Proof! 

Product Details:

  • Made in USA
  • High rebound Superthane formula
  • 101 durometer (but rides more like a 97/99a)
  • Sidecut shape
  • 60.5mm x 35mm
  • Green color (gray is sold out)
  • Three wheels printed per set (one blank)
  • Packaged with twine and DOA tag