Rick Howard monkey "up-cycled" work shirts (one-of-a-kind) • only a few left!

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Wait what?! Used?...Yes!  (maybe let's call them upcycled...isn't that trendy now?).  Back in the late 80’s and early 90’s we would buy used work shirts from the thrift store or the swap meet and screen Blockhead graphics on them.  Sometimes it was just the black line of the board graphics while they were being screened but sometimes it was custom 2-3 color designs just for the work shirts.  These were never sold but were for team riders, employees and friends...well until now! 

We’ve got a line on used work shirts and we’re offering only 48 total (short sleeve and long sleeve) with the Rick Howard Ben Davis parody logo from 1991 which is just a perfect fit.  These are offered as a pre-order so we can make sure you get the sizes and colors you want. 

These will have name tags and company emblems on them...just random so we have no control over names and logos (no custom names), shirts are used but in good condition.  With all the different combinations, you will no doubt have the only one like it!  We were always stoked on having just random names on the shirts.  We've just received samples from the supplier and the shirts are great condition and nice heavy fabric.  

Look at the photos of the shirts for examples of colors, name tags and patches (note back print is a mock-up).  Brand names on shirts will vary.   


  • Sizes available: L, XL, 2XL