Hard Times 0 Reissue - batch 2 - SOLD OUT

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Limited to two per customer. 

Around 1989 Vision came out with the “Basics” series and other companies were also experimenting with a less graphic-lower price approach to team boards...but all their graphics totally sucked!  At that time we were hanging out with Nor Cal Blockhead riders JJ Rogers and Jay West and the term “Hard Times” was thrown out often....for example noodles with ketchup packets swiped from the burger joint was “Hard Times Spaghetti”.   So that was it!  Ron Cameron scribbled a rough drawing on a tiny scrap of paper and then enlarged it on the copy machine and then added the iconic HARD TIMES lettering and banged on a typewriter to get slogan “tiMes TOUgh? DOn’T CARe? nO EXPeNSiVe pAINt JoBS, no pRO RoYALtiES TO pAY. nO FRiLLs, jUSt A tOP qUALitY sKATeboARd FOr not aS Much monEY”.   It was just one color screen print on a natural or painted white board, no top graphic.  The series continued for several years with 6 different graphics.  Oh...don’t ask us because we don’t remember why!.....the first Hard Times board was not numbered, but the next one in the series had a #1, so this first one has become known as the Hard Times 0 (we’re dumb).  The boards were originally printed with black or drab color fades. 


  • Deck Color: Natural 
  • Bottom: Screen printed graphics - black or assorted color fade
  • Top: Laser burn logo, hand numbered with paint pen
  • Dimensions: 9.875 x 31.625”, 14.75” wheelbase, 6.75 tail, 5.25” nose
  • Construction: 7-ply maple
  • Old school drilling
  • Manufactured by Watson Laminates, San Diego CA
  • Original release date early 1990, Reissue date 2022
  • Price $86

If you have any preferences on the assorted color fade let us know and we'll do our best.  There's mostly these color fades:

  1. Teal/ Orangish red
  2. Blue/ Maroon
  3. Green/ Blue
  4. Maroon/ Gray