60mm Goooberz Vomits 97a Slime Balls Wheels - pink or purple

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They found the original molds, the "warpaint" graphics, the urethane formulas, the logo and the trademark! Same as it ever was... in the original wheel shapes and wheel formula made at the same 1980s manufacturer. The 97a Slimeball formula blend is poured in a reversible dead center bearing and no flex edge radius lip design, resulting in the fastest on command slide-able, slip to grip ratio wheel available. No chipping, no coning, no bearing seat stretch, no softening and no speed loss.


  • Road Surface: 28.15
  • Size: 60mm
  • Wheel Hardness: 97a
  • Width: 44.6 Colors: Pink or Purple
  • MSRP: $36.95