Misfits and Reserves - Spring 20 - Batch 2 - SOLD OUT

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Note: There is only one each of all of these apart from the Good Sam’s.  Putting the board in your cart does not assure that you got it, first person to complete checkout is the one who owns it.  Due to the limited nature of these, they are limited to ONLY 2 MISFITS/ RESERVES PER CUSTOMER!

We’ve had a little extra time with the wood shop unfortunately closed for the past 5 weeks so we’ve done a little spring cleaning.  Perhaps I was a little over zealous in saving some reissues for my private stash so I picked out some color doubles and oddities to pass along some goodness your way. 

As far as pricing, some are discounted due to blemishes others are above the original price but below current market value.   We want to make sure that the people who really want one get one and they aren’t up on eBay the next day for double the price.   Thank you and best of luck!   

Batch 2: 

  1. Mark Partain, blue stain - All good apart from what looks like a little wood filler around one of the front truck holes.  Signed and #’d 52/130.  Price $135
  2. Mark Partain, white dip - 1st quality, it’s an amazing graphic for sure!  Signed and #’d 102/130.  Price $149
  3. Blockhead 84, green - Based on a never produced prototype board from 1984. Some bad paint caused the finish on these to “gator skin” and crack.   It’s a fun early 80’s style rider.  Also includes super limited 1.25”, 2.5” and 6” Blockhead 84 stickers.  Signed and #’d 8/20 G (green).   Price $59
  4. Blockhead 84, orange - Orange was originally sold as a “rider”.   I screened these myself and it seemed like a good idea to flip the board and do a 2nd print upside-down on one....one-of-a-kind!   Also includes 1.25”, 2.5” and 6” Blockhead 84 stickers.  Signed but not #'d.  Price $86
  5. Rick Howard skunk reissue, green stain - Has a cool “skunk stripe” running through the green stain.  Signed and #’d 149/200.  Price $139
  6. Rick Howard skunk modern rider, yellow stain (brown top) - All good, fun rider or hanger.  Price $86 
  7. Hard Times O reissue 2015, white dip - All looks good, still in shrink.  Signed and #’d 42/100.  Price $99
  8. Grumpy Man 8.75 One-Of-A-Kind (2016) - Custom spray painted backgrounds with a one color screen print.   Modern rider, dimensions: 8.75 x 32.25”, 6.625” T, 7” N, 14.75” WB.  Price $86
  9. Grumpy Man 9.5 One-Of-A-Kind (2016) - One-of-a-kind spray painted backgrounds with a one color screen print.   Modern rider, dimensions: 9.5 x 33”, 6.75” T, 7” N, 15.5” WB.  This is the one that was originally featured when they launched on the web site.   Price $86