Curbarger -Double Double Sided Curb - 9.25” - SOLD OUT


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Who likes curbs?  Who likes to barge?   I know I do!  Are you a Curbarger too?! 

Here’s a new one, in fact the first “100% new” Blockhead graphic from Ron Cameron since the late 00’s and the first in a hopefully long running Curbarger series.    I had the idea a long while back to do a board where the nose and tail were the shape of double sided curbs…as you know, a good one is the holy grail to any curb skater.   After much tweaking I think I finally came up with a gripping good shape….functional and FUN!   The sidecut cuts down on weight and bulk and also brings your rails in closer together for quicker curb combos.   Really this board isn’t only for curbs….ride it however and wherever you damn well please!   

Even though this is a modern board we wanted to keep things real in the 80's Blockhead style and screen printed the graphics...more expensive but worth it!  


  • Skater made by Ben Butler @ Wouldshop, Montana USA
  • Number produced 75 of each size 
  • Bottom: Screen printed graphics by Patines Americanos 
  • Top: Screen printed graphic
  • Art: Ron Cameron
  • Dimensions: 9.25” x 32.25”, 6.75” tail, 14.5” wheelbase, 7.125” nose
  • Width at front truck: 9.125”, back truck: 8.75”
  • Construction: 7-ply maple
  • Concave: modern double kick
  • Hole Pattern: New School