In stock now (while they last) Jim Gray's first iconic "Angry Man" graphic is offered in natural, stains and white smoke dip, we're also making a modern version in the same shape as Jim's been speeding around on for years...a great rider for sure!  We've also got the first Blockhead hats available in over 20 years.

There's still a few of Rick Howard’s 2nd board which simply had the words “NEW GRAPHICS” on the bottom in an oval.  Part social commentary about the volatile and quick changing times in skateboarding in 1991 and part FU to skateboard graphics in general...the anti-graphic.

Taken from the top graphic of Rick’s board, the Ben Davis parody logo was intended to become the bottom graphic on future runs but it never what we have here is a NBI (never been issued), the board that should have been but never was (but now is).  

Legendary photographer and musician O and I went nuts with the spray paint to create one-of-a-kind backgrounds for a few Hard Times moderns...splendid eye torture! 

2018 is also the 30 year anniversary of Ron Cameron’s ultra iconic Nothing Is Cool logo! (Top graphic of Simple Simon and Tragicomic models) To do something special for this milestone we’ve got a very limited run of hand screened color blend Nothing is Cool t’s...also, just a couple Tragicomic's remain so don't miss out.

Thanks for the support!

Dave B.


Dave and Ron talk about the skARTplanks hand painted Hard Times boards and drop some history

Blockhead kicks of the skARTplanks series of custom one-of-a-kind works of skate art with some custom art on 10 of the (SOLD OUT) Hard Times reissues inked by legendary skateboard artist Ron Cameron.   Blockhead owner Dave Bergthold and Ron talk about the history of the innovative Hard Times board series from 1989...perhaps the only "price point" skateboard (or any other product for that matter) to ever be "cool" (Nothing is).  Available to order Wednesday October 18th at 6pm pacific time on . 

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Omar "Blockhead Days" video up on Thrasher site!

Check out highlights from Omar's first two video parts in Splendid Eye Torture and Adventures in Cheese from when he was just 15/16 years old.  A ripper then and still ripping almost 30 years later!  

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