New 30 year Nothing is Cool and Spray Paint logo NOW LIVE!

We decided to up our game and make all the 1989 reissue Spray Paint logo boards (except white dip) using our signature stain process where the rails are a fluorescent color and the tops and bottoms are multi-color with the grain of the wood for a very dynamic they’re on fire!  

For Ron’s 30 year “Whateversary” limited edition Nothing is Cool board we’ve got a PRE-ORDER INCENTIVE...only an extra 10 bucks and you get a very limited t-shirt that’s only available with this board and not sold in stores!  Offer ends November 18th (unless the boards sell out first).  

Ron designed the shape to be a highly fun and functional “PLANK”, the bottom will have 2/C “Nothing is Cool” screen-printed graphics and strange but true, the top will feature a full board 4/C screen-print.   Ron will also be getting his hands dirty and hitting a quick spray paint shot to the backgrounds of all of every one with be slightly different!   

You’re going to have to trust us on this one as the graphics won’t be revealed until they are screen-printed.  Ron Cameron art, Nothing is Cool, Blockhead, exclusive can you go wrong?  

Ron and I thank you for your support! 

Dave B. 


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Dave and Ron talk about the skARTplanks hand painted Hard Times boards and drop some history

Blockhead kicks of the skARTplanks series of custom one-of-a-kind works of skate art with some custom art on 10 of the (SOLD OUT) Hard Times reissues inked by legendary skateboard artist Ron Cameron.   Blockhead owner Dave Bergthold and Ron talk about the history of the innovative Hard Times board series from 1989...perhaps the only "price point" skateboard (or any other product for that matter) to ever be "cool" (Nothing is).  Available to order Wednesday October 18th at 6pm pacific time on . 

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