NOTICE: POSSIBLE SHIPPING DELAYS.  It's summertime and that means skatecamp, skate trips and as we're a real small company that could mean you may (or may not) have to wait a couple extra days for your order while we're out rolling around :-) 


It’s raining, it’s pouring...but don’t get caught snoring!  The Blockhead time machine is set for 1993 and we’ve got Jeremy Wray’s Rain Girl AKA “When it Rains it Sucks” reissue and also a limited edition vicious looking umbrella shape shred stick.

The Omar 2 reissues are sold out but we’ve got a few of the #1 moderns left to fly around on as well as some of the Hard Times moderns and Nothing is Cool decks.

More coming down soon, thanks for the support!    

Dave B.


Omar "Blockhead Days" video up on Thrasher site!

Check out highlights from Omar's first two video parts in Splendid Eye Torture and Adventures in Cheese from when he was just 15/16 years old.  A ripper then and still ripping almost 30 years later!  

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Classic Boards and Secret Session at the Blockhead Ramp - More Reunion Party Pics

Over 300 people showed up to the art show that night, at LinkSoul Gallery - and there was a lot to look at, including classic boards, original art and old ads showing how we laid them out before photoshop and illustrator even existed. Check out at THE BOARDS! 

blockhead party

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