NOTICE: POSSIBLE SHIPPING DELAYS.  It's summertime and that means skatecamp, skate trips and as we're a real small company that could mean you may (or may not) have to wait a couple extra days for your order while we're out rolling around :-) 


It’s raining, it’s pouring...but don’t get caught snoring!  The Blockhead time machine is set for 1993 and we’ve got Jeremy Wray’s Rain Girl AKA “When it Rains it Sucks” reissue and also a limited edition vicious looking umbrella shape shred stick.

The Omar 2 reissues are sold out but we’ve got a few of the #1 moderns left to fly around on as well as some of the Hard Times moderns and Nothing is Cool decks.

More coming down soon, thanks for the support!    

Dave B.