Hard Times “Gnarcake Selects” colab - SOLD OUT

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Available Tuesday 3/9 at 4PM.   Sold as assorted but if you have any preferences put your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices in the comments section at check out or email us directly after ordering.   Limited to one per customer.  

I first met my buddy O in probably 1988 and then when I moved Blockhead south in 1989 he was always around...whether he was at the Blockhead ramp or out in the streets shooting photos for TWS, shralping a ditch or rocking out with Olive Lawn, Fluf or some side project...and we were in the crowd any chance we’d get!   Hands down one of the most all around talented dudes I’ve ever met...and just all around rad dude.

O has jumped in with me several times down at Watson Laminates to do some custom spray painted backgrounds on the boards.   We did these in 2019...maybe there was 30 or so of each shape?   After picking our day-glo boogers from the Krylon cloud we agreed that some of these were just too rad and decided to pull out 13 of or favorites and label them “Gnarcake Selects”.  Recently we dug them up from the tombs and hand signed, numbered and tagged all of them on the tops...all unique one-of-a-kind!   To make them even more unique, each deck comes with 2 Gnarcake stickers, 2 NOS Blockhead stickers , Gnarcake wheels and a test print....a full gnar pack!

Haven’t heard of Gnarcake before?  It’s O’s skate brand of mostly one-of-a-kind or limited edition boards hand crafted by the legend himself. 


  • Boards:  2 shapes available - 1. Slightly modified OG Hard Times shape...just a bit longer nose on a more modern concave. (Numbers 1-10)  Dimensions: 10 x 32.5”, 6.75” N. 15.325” WB. 6.75” T.   2. Modern shape influenced by the original. (Numbers 11-13) Dimensions: 9.25 x 32.25, 7” N. 14.875” WB. 6.5” T.
  •   Stickers: 2 Gnarcake limited edition assorted.  1 Hard Times bumper sticker and 1 Blockhead square logo, both are NOS hand printed in early 2000’s at Jim Gray’s Acme/ Inkgenda factory. 
  • Wheels: 55mm Gnarcakes.   These are upcycled wheels from a major manufacturer that were slightly yellowed so not fit for mass consumption so O drew up a graphic and printed 1000 wheels himself of several sizes and colors....these are pretty much the last of them and for sure the last of the 55’s. 
  • Test print:  Screen printing by hand is an art...and even the best of them have some trial and error during the printing process with many factors that can lead to something not being 100% perfect.   At the start of the run or when things aren’t flawless, prints are made on paper siting on top of the boards until things are dialed in and we were able to nab 13 of these.   The majority were just one color black prints so I embellished them further with some day-glow spray paint and a Hard Times stencil just to add to the stoke.   Others were already super rad with multiple layers of ink from the many boards that go through the Watson shop mostly at the hand of master craftsman (and shredder) Damon Mills.
  • Sold as assorted but if you have any preferences put your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices in the comments section at check out and we’ll see what we can do...first to order gets first choice!
  • Limited to one-per-customer