Nothing is Cool “Party” Bruise Cruise - SOLD OUT

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In the spirit of Nothing is Cool we’ve got a real unconventional oddity here.  This particular peculiar plank shaped piece of lumber has a long or longer wheelbase, a modern concave but is on the narrower side.  Set up as a soft wheeled cruiser or if you’re more adventurous throw some harder wheels on it and shred your local DIY, park or streets on it or bruise it! 

 Oh to make things even more strange about half of them (the stained version) have a thinner (4/3) lamination like most modern boards under 9’ and the other half (the spray painted version) have a thicker lamination like an 80’s board.  So if you’re just going to set up as a cruiser you could go either way but if you’re really going to shred it or you’ve put on some pandemic pounds then you might want to go with the thicker version.   With the scarcity of wood lately, Watson had the blanks already laminated so we jumped on the opportunity.

 Right, forgot to talk about the 2001 we decided to get the band back together for one night and do a Blockhead reunion party so Ron Cameron took his original 1988 Nothing is Cool graphic, stretched it out and added some oddball freaks, geeks and misfits in the background for a limited t-shirt for the team and friends.   It was just too rad to never be seen again so here’s a super limited chance to own one and especially with the limited stain fades and spray paint backgrounds.

Some of the boards were pre-dyed with a magenta and black and then we sprayed a translucent fluorescent yellow over that to make it a bit more weird with green, magenta, orange and yellow highlights.  Half of them the orange is on top, half the other way around. 

Then on the naturals I did a spray paint stencil pattern in the background with assorted offbeat colors, you can see in the photos most of the color schemes.   They are sold as assorted but if you see something that you love or hate let us know in the comments at checkout.  They are screen printed by hand on the top and bottom so some variation is possible.  


Thanks!  Dave B.


  • Number produced: 90
  • Dimensions: 8.5 x 32.875, 6.75 Tail, 15.25” or 15.75” Wheelbase, 6.5 or 7” Nose
  • Lamination: Slim (cruise) or Burly (bruise)
  • Hole pattern: modern (variable wheelbase)
  • Art: Ron Cameron 1988/ 2001/ 2021
  • Top: 2/C screen printed graphic (Stain bottoms have stain tops)
  • Bottom: 2/C screen printed graphic
  • Made in San Diego CA at Watson Laminates
  • Price: Stains $79, Spray paint $84