Streetstyle 4 (Grumpy Man) reissue - first edition - Low Stock!

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Here we have the 4th and final (for now) version of the Streetstyle from 1990 which is also the 2nd version of the iconic Grumpy man which was originally a Ron Cameron school notebook doodle and then Ron Lemen inked the graffiti lettering.   

What’s notable about the SS4 is that…well it’s kind of a lame story.   The Damn sidewalk surfin, punk hippy etc. typewriter text that was in the background of the Grumpy Man T-shirts was a huge hit with the team and skaters but not by a number of uptight shop owners and parents who though that “juvenile delinquent, law breakin, dope smokin, evil, satan worshipin” was just too much for their perfect innocent children.   They just didn’t get the sarcasm that this was the grumpy clueless pedestrian and all their misconceptions about skateboarders (well maybe some of them are true sometimes :-) 

At that time I had licensed Blockhead to Tracker Trucks for a few years and the sales people fed up with all the complaints begged us heathens to tone it down a bit and we regretfully complied.   The “offensive” language was replaced by simply “dirty, evil”, so as far as I know the 1990’s Streetstyle 4 never was released with the original text (I can't find any evidence of it), just the censored version (see last pic of green board)….UNTIL NOW!!!  This new version is straight from the original art in the archives how it was supposed to be.  

Dave B. 



Limited run of 117

Grumpy Man art by Ron Cameron / Graffiti lettering and layout by Ron Lemen 

Hand numbered and signed (by Dave B.) 

Bottom: 5 color screen printed graphics

Top: 2 color screen print and laser burn

Dimensions: 9.75 x 31”, 6.75” T, variable 14.625 WB/ 5" Nose or 15.125 WB/ 4.375 nose 

Hole pattern: Original old school 

Construction: 7-ply maple

Manufactured by Watson Laminates, San Diego CA

Original release date 1990, Reissue date 2023