Omar Hassan #1 Reissue - Split Stain limited edition - SOLD OUT

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To kick off the new year we did a super limited run of 37 Omar 1’s in split stained laminates.   To make them even more limited we really mixed up the colors so there's only one or two of many combinations, check out the compilation photo to see everything that was made.  

To highlight the split laminates we left off the sky pass so all the colors really pop.  Back in the day we would sometimes leave off color passes on a limited number of the production run just to mix things up (The Omar 1 I have on my wall also has the sky pass omitted).  As always on the reissues, the graphics are screen-printed by hand.   

Sold as assorted but if you have any requests for colors please put them in the comments at checkout and we’ll see what we can do!  (put 1st, 2nd and 3rd color choice, orders filled in the order we receive them).  

Dave B. 


  • Number produced: 37
  • Deck colors: Assorted split stains, tops are black stain and natural 
  • Bottom: Screen-printed graphics
  • Top: Laser burn 30 year logo, Screen printed Blockhead logo, signed by Omar
  • Art: Ron Cameron
  • Dimensions: 10 x 31.5”, 14.5” or 15.25 variable wheelbase, 6.75 tail, 5.5” or 4.75” nose
  • Construction: 7-ply maple
  • Manufactured by Watson Laminates, San Diego CA
  • Original released 1990, Reissue date 2018
  • Shipped in heavy duty 4 mil. archival bags
  • Limited edition Price $99

In stock for immediate shipping, limited to one per customer!