Hard Times 4 modern 9.1” - SOLD OUT - more soon

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Things really got stepped up!  We’re gonna call these one-of-a-kind screen prints “Beautiful Disaster” as they are indeed pretty wasted and wasted and pretty, a hot mess of lovely colors all smashed up together.   They’re almost too rad to skate but damn right you’re going to thrash ‘em up and add to the art with your own scrapes and scuffs.   Also available in traditional(ish) natural. 

Based on the original Hard Times 4 shape, it’s actually a “reissue” of one that we did in 2002 when Blockhead returned to the garage for a few small runs spanning several years.  Great all around ramp, bowl, park, curb or whatever axe. 

Note: Sold as assorted but if you’ve seen something you like let us know and we’ll try and pick something in that direction....otherwise we’ll just grab whatever’s on the top of the pile. 

    Product details:

    • Bottom: multi-color screen printed graphics
    • Top: 1/C screen printed logo
    • Dimensions: 9.125 x 32.125”, 15” wheelbase, 6.875 nose, 6.625 tail
    • Construction: 7-ply maple 
    • Concave: Modern double kick, medium 
    • Hole pattern: New School
    • Manufactured by Watson Laminates, San Diego CA
    • Custom screen printing by Damon Mills