skARTplanks Ron Cameron hand painted one-of-a-kind Hard Times reissues

Now available, only a couple left!  Please pick the number you want from the pull down menu, the remainder are sold out.

    Ron Cameron and I are super excited to finally kick things off with the skARTplanks series!  Custom one-of-a-kind works of skate art inspired by the iconic Blockhead graphics and style from the 80’s and early 90’s.

    For the first release we stashed away 10 of the Hard Times decks from the (SOLD OUT) reissues released last year.  Ron had the idea to add some original art to the nose and tail in a somewhat cleaner version of the 1989 Hard Times style.  He started out with a paint brush, then some spray paint and then two colors of paint pens for this multi-layered radness.    

    So there are only 10 of these and as you can see all very different from each other.  They are obviously priced higher than an average Blockhead release but at a great introductory “Hard Times” price for original art by one of the most legendary skate artists of all time. 

    FYI as we’ve lived and learned about the good and bad of doing limited releases online, we’ve decided the best way is to put in the total inventory (10) and have you write your 1st, 2nd and 3rd design choice in the comments section at checkout rather than list them individually.  We will then go through the orders and hopefully get everyone one of their top choices in the order they were received.   If we don’t have one of your top 3 we will contact you prior to shipping to let you know what’s still available. 

    Keep in mind, you don’t own the board until you finish checkout so it’s best to set up an account ahead of time and jam through the process as quick as possible to insure you get one as they will likely go really really quick.

    Thanks for the support!  Dave B.

    More details:

    • Signed and numbered, only 10 made
    • Bonus! Comes with 5x7 print of Ron painting your specific board (signed)...and possibly one more.
    • Limited to one per customer
    • Buy one because you love them, no flippers please. 
    • Available to order Wednesday October 18th at 6pm pacific time.
    • Price $320