Streetstyle #1 - SOLD OUT

This Product is Currently Unavailable

Please check the photos of the remaining two Streetstyle boards up for sale (12-1 at 5pm).  As you can see, on the one on the right, the colors are registered pretty good but the left one is a little bit off.  The art of screenprinting is not as consistent as other printing methods (transfers) and we feel that is part of the beauty of it in that each one might be slightly unique from the next. Last chance to get one as the streetstyle will not be available on the vintage blanks or this color way ever again!  (Update: the one on the left is the only one remaining).

  • Deck Color: Light blue
  • Screen printed graphics: Pink lettering, gray fade sidewalk, black outline
  • Top: Laser burn 30 year logo, signed by Dave Bergthold
  • Dimensions: 9.125 x 30.125”, 15.5” wheelbase, 6.625 tail, 4” nose
  • Old school hole pattern
  • Construction: 6-ply Canadian maple, 2-ply fiberglass, epoxy glue
  • Made from vintage 1985 Uncle Wiggley blank
  • Original release date mid 1985, Reissue date 2015
  • Total produced for sale: 30
This was the board that started it all!  In late spring 1985 Blockhead released the Streetstye, Chaos and Rebel models but the Streetstyle was the first one to be screened in the Bergthold family garage in Roseville CA.  When the first batch of 60 boards arrived from the Uncle Wiggley factory, Dave hadn’t built drying racks yet so the first batch was laid out in the driveway to dry. 

The red/ yellow colorway was this first batch, after that it was decided a third color should be added. The re-issues will have the third color. The Streetstyle is often cited as a milestone in the progression of street skating with it’s innovative rounded 4” long nose which was the longest on the market at that time.  

In 2015 while looking for original molds, Dave Bergthold discovered that Dave Bedore, the original production manager at Uncle Wiggley, had in storage a small stack of uncut blanks that were pressed in 1985!  These were made out of the same exact construction with 6 plies of maple, 2 plies of fiberglass and epoxy glue, they were also the same exact concave the first 3 Blockhead boards were pressed on!   Still in utter disbelief that these could still exist after all these years, Dave made a deal and snatched 30 of them up! 

So here we have offered a one-time run of Blockhead Streetstyle’s made out of NOS vintage blanks...if Blockhead would have ordered one more batch in 1985, they would have been made out of these exact blanks!  So as if they rolled off the line in 1985, these “hybrid” skateboard decks were cut, sanded, drilled, painted and screened by Watson Mfg. in San Diego CA who have been making skateboards since 1975! 

These 30 boards are laser burned on the top with the Blockhead 30 year anniversary logo, numbered and signed by Dave Bergthold who inked the original graphic.