Streetstyle #2 (Epoxy Glass) SOLD OUT

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In 1985 Blockhead released the Streetstyle which is often cited as a milestone in the progression of street skating with it’s innovative 4” long nose which was the longest on the market at that time and also it’s narrower width and street specific shape that predated the modern “popsicle” by years.  The Streetstyle 2 was a graphic update in 1986 that had pretty much the same layout apart from the sidewalk which was now totally thrashed and the skater was doing an ollie instead of a Bert.  The Streetstyle 2 is constructed in 6-ply Epoxy Glass just like the original, a 7-ply version with some "money bumps" was released a bit later in 86 or 87…but we like the Epoxy Glass version way better…it’s thinner and lighter and the graphic just pops off the dipped decks way more than the natural and stains.  The epoxy/glass construction is much more expensive thus the premium pricing...but it’s worth it.    

  • Details:  
  • Deck Colors: 50 Light blue, 50 white
  • Total produced in this color combo: 100
  • Screen printed graphics
  • Art by Dave Bergthold
  • Top: Laser burn 30 year logo, signed by the artist
  • Dimensions: 9.125 x 30.125”, 15.5” wheelbase, 6.625 tail, 4” nose
  • Construction: 6-ply Maple, 2-ply fiberglass, epoxy glue
  • Old School hole pattern
  • Manufactured by Watson Laminates, San Diego CA
  • Original release date 1986, Reissue date 2015

*The Streetstyle 2 is limited to a maximum of 3 per customer due to the limited nature of this product.