Phantom Flyer 9.6” - Strip Mall Surfer - Premium complete skateboard* - Available NOW!

Revolutionary de-evolution…Artfully curated complete that breaks all the rules!  Turn on a dime with the skinny Ace 00 trucks and a wider board for more leverage and a better feel.

Styled as if it’s from an alternate universe…one where the steel and clay wheel boards of the 60’s evolved in a different direction but the style remains.   The shape was influenced by the 60’s Rinky Dink skateboard and a very unique DIY surfboard from 1956.  

The board features custom (and beautiful) round wheel wells for the narrower trucks so you can have more clearance on those sharp turns.   The board has a sharper edge on the top and more rounded on the bottom.   The concave and nose and tail kick are on the mellower side for a more relaxed fun ride.  

Seeing it apart from most other cruiser boards is that it’s got a standard length tail and a long-ish nose so you can get busy on it if you please.

The amazing artwork was inked by Mike Guerrero who’s 50’s/ 60’s surf/ skate style of art was an absolute perfect fit for these.  

Wheels:  The 58mm 97a Street Standards were designed to take influence from the steel wheels of yesteryear but with exceptional rebound and performance with top shelf formula.   Great for smoother streets and skateparks.  

The 56mm 82a Clay Pigeons look spot on to a classic clay wheel but with a buttery smooth ride on less than perfect streets and sidewalks.  Please see the wheel pages for all the info.

Bearings:  Shipping in a collectable Wild Things tin and made by Quantum these are premium quality (similar to a Bronson G3).   Street Standards wheels come with removable shields pre-installed, Clay Pigeons come “loose balls” style with optional shields.  

Kit includes (unassembled*): 

  • Board with pre-installed grip tape
  • Ace 11 trucks (Ace 00's or 22's on request)
  • Street Standard 58mm/ 97a or Clay Pigeons 56mm/ 82a wheels
  • Blockhead Wild Things bearings
  • Hard Times 1” hardware (1.25" on request) 
  • Strip Mall sticker pack

Customize:   Comes stock with Ace 11’s but we have a few sets of Ace 00's if you want a quicker turn or Ace 22's if you would rather a slight bit more stability and grindability, please request in comments at check-out.  Subject to stock on hand…unless you’re willing to wait.

The new Moon Beams rails were designed to be compatible with the unique rounded wheel wells with their tapered ends…grab a set to protect the goods!  


  • Dimensions: 9.6” wide, 31.5" long, 15" wheelbase, 6.5" tail, 6.125" nose
  • Screen Printed graphics
  • Pre-installed die-cut grip tape 
  • Components come boxed, assembly required 
  • Board Mfg. by BBS

Note: We don’t have enough trucks for all the boards so if they move real quick your order may have to wait a week or so until we can get more trucks in stock.