Rick Howard monkey - Day-Glo pink special edition, only 10 made! - SOLD OUT

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When we did the last (and only?) batch of these a while back we had Watson paint 10 fluorescent pink so they'd be super bright and popping!    For full disclosure, some of them have very minor issues and they are priced differently to reflect that....and also by color.   Most have metallic inks in a variety of colors but there's a couple that are extra popping with fluorescent orange and yellow.   They're extra rare so grab one while you can.  Oh, they are signed and numbered on the tops by Rick.  

  1. day-glo orange/ yellow - $119
  2. red/ gold metallic - $109
  3. red/ green metallic -$99
  4. red/ green metallic (slight dent in nose on bottom) - $86
  5. blue/ green metallic (slight dent in nose on bottom)  - $86
  6. purple/ green metallic (slight dent in nose on bottom)  - $86
  7. day-glo orange/ yellow (very minor wood blem)  - $109
  8. red/ gold metallic (very minor wood blem)  - $95


  • Made in USA
  • Old School holes
  • Original Rick Howard 1991 shape
  • Only 10 fluorescent pink made
  • Signed and numbered by Rick Howard
  • Art by Ron Lemen 1991
  • Limit one per customer