Street Standards wheels - 58mm - 97a - “Steel” - Available NOW!


The “Super Thanes” formula is a perfect blend of speed, rebound,  smoothness and grip for skateparks, streets, ramps and whatever else you want to throw at them.   

The unique side-cut shape was designed primarily for the Strip Mall Surfer boards to give the vibe of a classic steel wheel but also to be an all around great wheel on any set-up, I’ve been running them as my everyday riders for a few months and they work perfect.  

The Street Standards name was borrowed from the boards of the same name from the early early 90’s…but with some new artwork by Mike Guerrero. 


  • High rebound premium Superthane formula (Same as Hard Times wheels)
  • Premium custom cut 
  • 97a
  • 58mm tall
  • 34mm wide
  • 23mm riding surface
  • Includes Strip Mall Surfer sticker