Chainsaw Massacre series! Art and Destroy (SOLD OUT)

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SOLD OUT (can't wait to do this again!)  

Well I’ve had this dream project in my brain for several years and then actually worked on these boards for over a year off and on.   

13 boards all hand cut with a chainsaw in different weirdo shapes, all close to 11” wide….then painted in a variety of violent destructive ways and finally screen printed with the art from the Just Another board that I designed in 1986.   The end result was way better than I even imagined for these….so stoked on how they came out!

To help me get the ball rolling, Laban (2), Chris Lambert (3) and Jesse Hotchkiss (4) “guest” designed a shape each and I designed all the rest and cut them out with a chainsaw.  They’re definitely a bit rough around the edges but that’s the idea.  In backyard DIY style they were just sanded with a belt sander and orbital sander to clean them up just enough. 

To add even more chaos and destruction, there were 4 painting methods on each board:

  1. SMASH! - I smashed glass with a hammer and hit them with spray paint to add some background texture.
  2. SPIN! - I rigged up an old lawnmower as an industrial size version of “Spin Art”…and it was scary fast, I honestly wasn’t sure if it would disintegrate and launch the skateboard through the ramp (or my neck), but the patterns it made were next level. 
  3. WHIP! - I channeled my inner cowboy or Indiana Jones for this one…well actually more like my inner Devo, the splatter patterns turned out awesome.  
  4. BURN! - Through a little pyro experimentation I figured out that spray paint burns and makes for some really amazing textures and distressing.

Oh I also designed a collage on the top showing all the different methods of painting.  They’re numbered sequentially in the order they were cut out (so yeah the numbers actually mean something one these), they’re signed as well.  BONUS: Top graphic art is also included as a 10x13” screen printed “art print” so you can hang it next to the board if you’d like.

We’ve put out a fair bit of one-of-a-kind customs over the past few years but nothing even near this level of thought, time and commitment.   I’m super excited to get these out to you, I put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into these so please enjoy!  I hope you’re stoked on them because I really want the excuse to be able to do this again, it was fun as hell! 


Dave Bergthold

Check out the You Tube videos here.

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