Chaos - SOLD OUT

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In 1985 after narrowing down the doodles and first rough draft attempts, I launched Blockhead in my parents Nor-Cal garage with 3 models, the Streetstyle, Rebel and Chaos.   With the Streetstyle 1 and Rebel already reissued, the Chaos is the essential piece of the original trio collection.  Oh, don’t worry if you missed out on a Streetstyle 1 (only 30 made on NOS 80’s blanks), more are planned for production this spring in black or white dip....maybe red too. 

The Chaos was the first “fish” shaped board we did and my first attempts at screenprinting color blends in the “cosmic swelling vortex” background swirls.   The graphic really featured the iconic Blockhead man, face logo, sunglass dude or whatever you want to call it but it sure screams 80’s!   

These are made with the 6-ply Epoxy/Glass construction to keep them true to's an expensive process thus the price bump vs. standard 7-ply.   Grab one while you can because the Chaos will possibly never be made again!   For that reason I decided to really go off on the colors with 8 different combos available in a batch of only 60 boards so some colors are very very limited....tough choices!   - Dave B. 


  • Only 60 produced   
  • Deck Colors: White dip, Turquoise blue dip, Red dip
  • Art by Dave Bergthold
  • Bottom: Screen printed graphics
  • Top: Laser burn 30 year logo and info, signed by Dave B.
  • Dimensions: 10.25 x 30”, 6.25” T. 16.375” WB. 2.5” N.
  • Mellow early/ mid 80‘s concave
  • Old school hole pattern 
  • Construction: 6-ply maple, 2 ply glass, epoxy glue
  • Manufactured by Watson Laminates, San Diego CA
  • Original release date 1985, Reissue date 2016