Dirt Clods A/T wheels - 70mm - 82a - Blue Sky - Available NOW!


Blockhead first launched Dirt Clods Wheels in 1989 as an all-terrain, ditch digging, beer fetching, dirt chomping, lawn darting, curb crawling, pebble crushing, corner hugging, smooth rolling cruiser for maximum fun wherever the road (or lack of one) takes you.  With modernized shapes and formula, Dirt Clods are back and better than ever!

The 70mm is for calming the most serious crust, it’s not a full on dirt board wheel but more of a hybrid on/ off pavement wheel.  It’s not just a 1970’s throwback like some other brands shapes (and not as bulky), it’s center set with a slight radius on both sides to prevent chipping and to help you climb curbs or other obstacles.  Dirt Clods open doors to new terrain that’s just not possible on standard size and hardness wheels...they’ll have you out exploring and having fun and looking at your skateboarding world in a whole new and expanded way.  Enjoy the ride!


  • 82a
  • 70mm
  • 47mm wide
  • 37mm riding surface
  • Wheel color: Blue Sky
  • Hub color: Brown
  • Center set
  • Double radius