Jim Gray #1 (Angry Man) 7-Ply reissue • SOLD OUT

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Here we have the 2nd reissue release of Jim Gray’s first board.  The first batch from 2015 was based on the 6-ply epoxy/ glass decks made by Uncle Wiggley and was only available in white or pink dip and only 100 we made and sold-out right away.   This 2nd batch is based on the 7-ply version made by Madrid and is available in assorted stains, natural and a white smoke dip (very light gray).  

The “angry man” artwork is by the legendary Ron Cameron and was originally based on a hand painted version that Ron did on one of his personal riders.  The roughly drawn main character was reworked and a fireball with Jim’s name was added as well as the background doodles with some random crap and some loosely based on stuff that Jim was into at the time (some of those elements carried over to Jim’s 2nd board).  A truly original and iconic skateboard graphic.


  • Number to be produced: 150
  • Bottom: Screen printed graphics
  • Top: Laser burn 30 year logo, signed by Jim and hand numbered
  • Dimensions: 10.125 x 30.75”, 15.125” wheelbase, 6.75” tail, 3.75” nose
  • Construction: 7-ply maple
  • Front wheel wells 
  • Hole Pattern: Old School
  • Manufactured by Watson Laminates, San Diego CA
  • Original release date 1987, Reissue date 2018
  • Limited edition "reissue" Jim Gray stickers included

 Note: Photos are mock-ups, actual board and print colors will vary