Laban Switchface model 9” - New batch, new colors! - Available 7/10 @ noon PST

Live for orders Wednesday 7/10 at noon PST! 

Laban and Blockhead are proud to announce second batch of the “switchface” model, Laban’s innovative idea to make a board that’s squared on one end and rounded on the other but works great either way with numerous set-up options to customize to your skating style due to the double double drilling and highly tuned shape which is symmetrical from truck to truck.    

Laban worked on and tested prototypes for over a year to get it right.  You can set it up with a short squared tail and a long rounded nose or a long squared tail and a short rounded nose (Laban’s preference) or you can do the opposite with a rounded tail and a squared nose.  Or!  Yes you can set it up with both square and round mounted short or long for equal pop and control whichever direction your board might be.

Laban enlisted his good friend Will Carsola to ink the graphics which also work both ways, you might recognize Will’s art if you’ve ever enjoyed a certain super popular canned water beverage of death.   Choose from black light edition or double dip stains, they all came out amazing! 

Thanks!  Dave B. 


  • Number produced:  100 
  • Bottom: Screen printed graphics by Patines Americanos 
  • Top: Screen printed graphic
  • Art: Will Carsola
  • Dimensions: 
  • Short tail, long nose: 6.625” tail, 7.125” nose, 14.25” wheelbase
  • Long tail, short nose: 7.125” tail, 6.625” nose, 14.25” wheelbase
  • Short tail, short nose: 6.625” tail, 6.625” nose, 14.75” wheelbase
  • Long tail, long nose: 7.125” tail, 7.125” nose, 13.75” wheelbase
  • Width: 9”, Length 31.875"
  • Width at both trucks: 8.75”
  • Construction: 7-ply maple
  • Concave: modern double kick
  • Hole Pattern: New School
  • Made in Baja CA MX by BBS