Meaning of Life Reissue - SOLD OUT

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Laban just loves to give me crap about this being my “PRO” model since it has my name on it “A Dave Bergthold Design” it says in (real) small lettering.  Not sure why I put my name on it as I was never pro but just like Ron’s Tragicomic it blurred the lines between pro model, artist board and team board.  I think maybe it was because I was stoked on the graphics as it was the most intricate, thought out and involved graphic I’d ever drawn...with even some of my poetic wisdom!  I’ve never taken art classes and never really called myself an artist but here it is, the most personal Blockhead board to me, featuring art from my 21 year old mind in 1986...which by the way was undoubtedly influenced by Monty Python’s Meaning of Life which was released a couple years before and in heavy rotation at the Bergthold manor. 

To go along with the life/ death theme, the shape definitely has some coffin shape cues.  It was originally available in 6-ply epoxy/glass construction made by Uncle Wiggley and then in 7-ply construction made by Madrid, to keep the selling price more reasonable we decided to do the reissue exclusively in 7-ply. 

It was originally finished in assorted solid color paints and stains but since the graphic has so much detail I like it better on the solid colors vs. competing with the various hues of the stains.  FYI, the “White Smoke” paint color is a very light gray/ dirty white that is based off an original M.O.L. in my collection and other Blockhead boards from that era.    

Oh, as an added bonus, the tops will be screened with a 2 color print of the Meaning of Life ad from the 1986 Thrasher where I redrew another version of the graphic.   There's a good chance this graphic won't be made ever again so better grab one or two. 

Thanks!  Dave B. (Blockhead founder/ owner)


  • Deck Colors: White Smoke dip, Turquoise dip, Red dip 
  • Total to be produced: 90 
  • Bottom: Screen printed graphics
  • Top: Screen-printed graphic, signed by Dave
  • Art by Dave Bergthold
  • Dimensions: 9.625 x 30.25”, 15” wheelbase, 6.5” tail, 3.75” nose
  • Construction: 7-ply maple
  • Manufactured by Watson Laminates, San Diego CA
  • Original release date 1986, Reissue date 2018

Note: Photos are mock-ups, actual board and print colors will vary somewhat.   Number produced may also vary with production tolerances.