Olde Fart 1995 reissue - 9.0" - SOLD OUT

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Well dang, I just passed the 60 year mark and so it seems like the appropriate time to reissue the 1995 classic Olde Fart board.   In 1995 at 30-ish years old we were feeling like old farts with technical skateboarding progressing at breakneck speed and what we were doing was so uncool.  

Laban and I had recently launched Invisible so I took the opportunity to turn Blockhead into perhaps the first “Old School” company making wider boards and bigger wheels at a time when you couldn’t find a board over 7.5” or wheels over 48mm.  

We were dinosaurs but we embraced it to keep things fun at a time when skateboarding was trying to push us out….but here we are and we’re still pushing forward!   

Thanks for the support!  

Dave B.


  • Graphics by Dave Bergthold 
  • Assorted stain colors (request a favorite if you have one)
  • Manufactured by PS Stix in Baja CA
  • Screen printed in San Diego California 
  • New school hole pattern
  • Dimensions:  9.0” x 32.1”, 6.75” tail, 14.25” wheelbase, 7.25” nose
  • Measurements at trucks: front - 8.875”, back - 8.625”
  • Concave: modern
  • Construction: 7-ply maple 
  • Quantity: 31 made
  • Price: $79.99