Rick Howard Skunk modern - SOLD OUT

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So those went really quick, sorry if you missed out...we'll try and make some more next year.  

Influenced by Rick’s original shapes…more from the “new graphics” board I suppose but even a little more eggy, here we have a fully modern version for your ripping pleasure.  

After some road trip inspiration from a skunk on the side of a Dick Simon Trucking Company big rig (and perhaps some stinky feet), Ron Lemen inked the iconic skunk graphic with some Pepe Le Pew influence and also included cues from Ricks’s love of Root Beer and his baggy brown corduroy pants.   Rick’s brown pants were in the wash so each stain color features a different color of pants.  Graphics are screen printed just like it’s 1991 when Rick’s first model dropped.   


  • Deck Colors: black stain (turquoise top), magenta stain (brown top), orange stain (orange top),  aqua blue stain (green top) 
  • Art by Ron Lemen
  • Bottom: 4 color screen printed graphics by Damon Mills
  • Top: 2 color screenprint
  • Dimensions: 9.5 x 32.5”,14.5” WB, 6.75” T,  7.125” N 
  • New school hole pattern 
  • Construction: 7-ply maple
  • Wheel wells!  
  • Manufactured by BBS in Baja CA