Sam Cunningham “Evil Eye” 7-Ply - sold out

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Sam Cunningham “Evil Eye” 7-Ply  There’s been a lot of rad dudes out Sacramento over the years but in the mid 80’s Sam Cunningham was the top dog...Backyard ramps, pools, ditches, banks or street, Sam murdered them all!  Sam’s first board the “gooey man” or “sticky man” was released in mid 1986 with some modified “clip art” graphics.   Young street skater Ron Cameron who had just gotten on the Blockhead team told Dave he liked to draw, showed him some sketchbooks of his bored school day doodles and the rest is history.   Late in 1986 Ron inked the iconic “Sam Face” AKA “Evil Eye” that would be used for the next couple years on at least 4 other graphics including the popular “Good Sam”.  This Sam graphic was originally on 6-ply epoxy/ glass decks made by Uncle Wiggley (painted) and then on 7-ply decks made by Madrid (stained and natural).  This second batch here is in the 7-ply construction.


    • Deck Colors: 1. Natural 2. Red Stain 3. Black Stain
    • Bottom: 4 color screen printed graphics
    • Top: Laser burn 30 year logo, signed by Sam
    • Art: Ron Cameron
    • Dimensions: 9.875 x 31”, 15.5” wheelbase, 6.625” tail, 3.875” nose
    • Construction: 7-ply maple
    • Old school hole pattern
    • Original concave
    • Manufactured by Watson Laminates, San Diego CA
    • Original release date late1986 or early 1987, Reissue date 2016
    • 100 produced

    Limited to one per color per customer!