Sick Sense (AKA 6¢) Reissue - Super Limited Natural - sold out

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Reserve stash, only 5 naturals made!  Not only were only 5 made but each one has a unique print color combo so they are all one-of-a-kind.

Sick Sense is well...pretty sick, it’s one of the favorite “non pro” graphics we made, Ron Cameron really nailed it on this one.   The wood cut style background, the sexy girl and the big race car number/ price tag looking 6¢ really makes it stand out in a crowd.

This board was actually originally made in two shapes in 1988/1989 but we decided to go with the more common Sacto “punk point” shape (which may (or may not) have been designed or at least influenced by JJ Rogers?). 


  • Originally released: 1988, reissued 2020
  • Bottom: Screen printed graphics
  • Top: Screen printed graphic, laser burn logo, signed and numbered
  • Dimensions: 10 x 31.75”, 14.75/ 15.5” variable wheelbase, 6.875” tail, 4.5/ 5.25” nose
  • Construction: 7-ply maple
  • Concave: Period correct 1988 Blockhead concave
  • Hole Pattern: Old School
  • Manufactured by Watson Laminates, San Diego CA
  • Price $150

Note: This is a hand made product and with all screen printing there may be small inconsistencies and imperfections. 

Limited to one per customer