Simple Simon (Ron Cameron) - SOLD OUT

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The Simple Simon was released in 1987 and then slightly revised in 1988 with additional colors (and flames) and was the first place (besides Ron's original doodle on the Blockhead shipping table) that anyone saw the Nothing is Cool design (it's the top graphic).  

In the summer of 1985 at the age of 16 Ron got his start with Blockhead as a team rider with a giant bag of unusual an innovative tricks both on the streets and on the ramps.  As evident by the customization on Ron’s boards with markers and paint pens, Dave knew that Ron like to draw but had no idea when he first got on the team that he was such an amazing artist.  Ron’s art collaborations with Dave on some earlier models (Logos on the Notch Nose, Meaning of Life etc.) evolved into Ron becoming the art director and inking nearly all the graphics and ads for the next 5 years or so and defining Blockhead’s style as Ron also grew and evolved as an artist.   

The Simple Simon was one of the boards from that era that blurred the lines between a pro model and a team board.  It had Ron’s name on it but it was more of an Am/ Artist model.  The Simple Simon would turn into the Tragicomic and Trajicomic boards with a similar shape (yes we’ll make those too soon!)


  • Deck Colors: 45 Teal blue stain (black top), 40 Natural (Teal top), 15 white dip
  • Total produced in this color combo: 100
  • Screen printed graphics
  • Nothing is Cool top graphic (as original)
  • Art by Ron Cameron
  • Top: Laser burn 30 year logo, signed by the artist
  • Dimensions: 9.875 x 31.25”, 15.25” wheelbase, 6.625 tail, 4.375” nose
  • Construction: 7-ply maple
  • Old school hole pattern
  • Manufactured by Watson Laminates, San Diego CA
  • Original release date 1988, Reissue date 2015

Note: 109 ended up being produced, some teal boards are numbered over 100.  Example 109/100.