Splendid Eye Torture/ Adventures in Cheese DVD - SOLD OUT

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Sold out....but we have a few VHS copies to put up on the site soon, email us if you're interested in one.  
The first and second Blockhead videos together on one DVD!  Splendid Eye Torture (released late 1989) featured the Blockhead team including Omar, Rick Howard, Steve Berra, Sam Cunningham, Jim Gray and Frank Atwater and also premiered the legendary Blockhead ramp in Bonsall CA. The soundtrack is amazing with an almost exclusively Discord soundtrack featuring Fugazi, Minor Threat etc.  Adventures in Cheese (late 1990) was mostly the same crew plus addition of Laban Pheidias.  In Hard Times style AIC was all black and white with a soundtrack exclusively consisting of vintage records found at thrift stores.  Also includes bonus trade show videos from 1989/1990.