Streetstyle 2 reissue “rider” 2020 - SOLD OUT

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In 1985 Blockhead released the Streetstyle which is often cited as a milestone in the progression of street skating with it’s innovative 4” long nose which was the longest on the market at that time and also it’s narrower width and street specific shape that predated the modern “popsicle” by many years.  The Streetstyle 2 was a graphic update in early 1986 that had pretty much the same layout apart from the sidewalk which was now totally busted up and the skater was doing an ollie instead of a Bert.   There were 2 versions of the SS2 made, initially a small amount in the same shape as the SS1 like this one and then an updated version several months later that had some “money bumps”....but we like the original classic version better so here it is.

This is the “rider” version with a modern hole pattern so you can set it up with whatever modern trucks you want.  I’ve got mine set up with Indy 149’s and 60mm Slimeballs but some Rat Bones would work good too for a period correct set-up. It’s a great cruiser but the OG shape really takes you back to the mid 80’ dust off your streetplants and boneless ones, it really is a blast to ride!   Oh, there wasn’t a top graphic on the originals but we thought it’d be rad to have the OG Blockhead it probably should have had in the first place!   


  • Deck Colors: 31 fluorescent pink, 31 fluorescent green
  • Screen printed graphics top and bottom
  • Art by Dave Bergthold
  • Dimensions: 9.125 x 30.125”, 15.5” wheelbase, 6.625 tail, 4.25” nose (longer because of modern hole pattern)
  • Construction: 7-ply Maple
  • New School hole pattern
  • Concave: 1985 original, mellow tail, minimal concave, flat nose.  
  • Manufactured by Watson Laminates, San Diego CA
  • Original release date 1986, Reissue date 2020

*The Streetstyle 2 is restricted to a maximum of 2 per customer due to the limited nature of this product.