Tragicomic (Ron Cameron) Reissue natural customs - SOLD OUT

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We stashed 15 natural Tragicomic boards for a couple years in the darkest corners of the Blockhead garage.  These are extra special as they are all custom one-of-kind thanks to Damon at Watson expressing his screen printing skills and creativity on these.  Sold as assorted but if you have a preference please give us your 1st, 2nd and 3rd color choices in the comments or send us an email right away after ordering and we’ll do our best.   If you want something even more unique grab one of the 3 negative print combos, they were never printed like this in the 80’s and more than likely never will be again! 

Oh, #12 has some splotches of perhaps some glue...nothing too bad but as a bonus that one will come with a Tragicomic test print for you to hang or frame as well.

Yes these are priced more than our typical reissue because there are only 15 of them, they are all unique and reissues from the same limited batch are selling for more than this already.  Bonus: Also includes NOS Nothing is Cool sticker printed early 2000’s in Jim Gray’s print shop. 

Some Tragic history:

Evolving from Ron Cameron’s Simple Simon model in 1988 was this updated shape with one of my personal favorites from that era, the Tragicomic.  Ron’s art was really starting to take shape by this point and the Tragicomic is a prime example.  Blurring the lines between a pro model and a team board, it had Ron’s name on it but it was more of an Am/ Artist model that didn’t really fit the mold.    

Ron joined Blockhead first as a team rider with a giant bag of innovative and creative street, mini- ramp and jump ramp moves...making up new tricks and tweaking others to the limit.  Ron became a graphic art contributor in 1986 and by 1987 he had assumed the role of art director and put his signature iconic style on almost all the Blockhead products and advertisements. 

The Tragicomic art was very unique with it’s single color main character (sometimes muted colors but usually white or gray)....kind of an FU to the Santa Cruz/Vision (or even some Blockehad) day-glo circus graphics at the time.  It also featured Ron’s 60’s poster art inspired Tragicomic lettering and the scribble “panhead” art that looked like it could very well be a Hard Times graphic.  Also unique was that the lettering and panhead art were screen-printed with opposite direction color fades...there’s lots going on but it’s just simply an amazing and innovative graphic and shape.

Dave B. 


  • Price: $135   
  • Deck Color: Natural
  • Total produced: 15 natural (out of 130)
  • Bottom: Screen printed graphics
  • Top: Nothing is Cool top graphic (as original), laser burn 30 year logo, signed and numbered by Ron
  • Art by Ron Cameron
  • Dimensions: 9.875 x 31.25”, 15.125” wheelbase, 6.875 tail, 4.375” nose
  • Construction: 7-ply maple
  • Manufactured by Watson Laminates, San Diego CA
  • Original release date 1989, Reissue date 2018