Thrasher and TransWorld Skateboarding Coverage of the Blockhead Reunion Party

The Blockhead Skateboards 30 year reunion party and art show was a blast! We had a secret skate session with the Blockhead team riders and then rolled over to the art show at the Linksoul Lab and Gallery where over 300 people showed up through the night. We got to catch up with a lot of people who had been involved with Blockhead over the years - friends, family, photographers, riders, artists, employees...the list goes on, whatever, it was FUN. Like skateboarding.

I'll be posting some stories and some of the best photos, but until we're all fully recovered, here are a couple of links with the best photos from Thrasher 

and TransWorld Skateboarding

And you'll definitely want to check out Jim Gray's Facebook gallery

And @Desiree_Astorga on Instagram had some super quick preview videos of the art and boards at the show.

desiree astorga blockhead skateboards preview

If you missed the event, don't stress, I'll have more photos and stories and links to some of the art that was for sale posted soon!


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