Classic Boards and Secret Session at the Blockhead Ramp - More Reunion Party Pics

Some more photos from the Blockhead reunion and art show - First the secret skate session on the Blockhead Ramp.   (all photos by Kevin Bergthold)

Ramp check with Frank Atwater

Chad Jackson rocks the pool coping in the deep end.

Sam Cunningham gets a piece

Jim Gray still thrashes and has the scars to prove it - Dan Rogers is skeptical

Jim Gray still thrashes and has the scars to prove it - Dan Rogers looks skeptical.

Kevin Marks, Zack Grove and Rick Howard

Kevin Marks talks with Zak Grove and Rick Howard who were roommates at the Blockhead house .

Each of the guys walked away with a gift box from Jakprints and a special commemorative board from Watson Laminates.

missle or aliens?

Before we took off for the art show, this super trippy light appeared in the sky and was apparently seen all over the western U.S. Conspiracy theories abound, but we figured it was our signal to get to the show.

Over 300 people showed up to the art show at LinkSoul Gallery that night - and there was a lot to look at, including classic boards, original art, and old ads showing how we laid them out before photoshop and illustrator even existed. Check out THE BOARDS! 

blockhead party

Jim Gray and Mike Blanchard

Handsome old four eyed skaters club includes Jim Gray and Mike Blanchard from Sacto, who shot many of the 80's Blockhead ads.  

Rick Howard pointing out the painting of him done by Ron Lemen.

classic skateboards

Just one section of the wall of classic boards.

Marty Jiminez and Grant Brittain checking out the original ad layouts

The Rons - Cameron and Lemen in line for their Jakprints screened T-shirt

linksoul gallery

Linksoul Gallery looks poppin from across the street

More photos can be found right here - check it out to see more boards we had in the show - you might just see your first board hanging in the gallery.

Coming next - some video and you might have a chance to own one of the limited edition, screened, hand numbered posters from the party! 

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